360 Degree Feedback is a powerful method for assessing how you perceive yourself and, equally important, how others perceive you. Specifically, 360 assessments are used to identify core strengths, areas for development, and opportunities for improving individual and team performance. As part of the 360 degree development process of discovering how you ‘show up’, you receive detailed confidential feedback from those around you. This can include peers, direct reports, managers, other stakeholders and even friends. The more feedback you have, the more clarity you gain and the easier it is to identify your successful path forward.

At Laidlaw Corporate Coaching, we believe that feedback gathered in a confidential and supportive manner can be one of the best gifts any employee can receive. When leaders are not aware of how their style and methods are impacting the work and morale of others, they are at a huge disadvantage. Senior leaders often share their gratitude that we were able to gather this information and help them to use it in constructive and productive ways, resulting in more positive outcomes and stronger results. The lesson here is to never underestimate the impact that speaking your truth has on an organization or team.

At Laidlaw, we use Tilt 365®, a state-of-the-art online 360 Degree Feedback Tool to gather confidential information and help you build the knowledge to take you forward. If you work in an organization that already utilizes 360 assessments, we can incorporate it into our work together.

I am a firm believer that people have the ability to personally grow and develop but that you are only as good as the feedback you receive. As a Director with over twenty years of management experience, I have found the Tilt 365 to be a valuable tool to assist employees in gaining important insights and perspectives of their unique strengths, characteristics and behaviours.. I have personally benefited from the Tilt 365 tool and from Ann’s support and expertise in how to integrate this feedback into my development planning.

Tim Hutchinson, Director, Public Health Agency of Canada, Creative Director 1125 @ Carleton University.

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"Ann’s use of the TILT 365 tool was very helpful for us to frame our development discussions and lead people to achieve their best efforts. Thanks so much, Ann!"

– Mara O’Brien James, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness, Care Canada