Highly effective teams usually have a few things in common – great leadership, diversity of skills and strengths, a shared understanding of common goals, proactive communication, clarity and trust. Being highly effective usually implies that a team is also productive, efficient, innovative, and results oriented. If one or more of these elements is off balance, it impacts the entire team and their effectiveness. Trust (in leader, your team), clarity (of vision and your contribution) and open communication (two-way) are fundamental underpinnings to any highly effective team. All of this requires strong team leadership skills enabling every member of a team to confidently contribute and feel empowered to give and receive feedback with ease.

When kicking off team coaching, we’ll start with identifying and getting agreement on the team vision. To do that, we work through a series of exploratory questions that clarify what needs to be achieved, who you are as a team, how you want to be seen, how you want to work together, and what your goals are. Once we get to your team vision, the path to realize that vision naturally begins falling into place through the work we’ll do together.

Team Coaching

"Ann Laidlaw has helped us as an executive team understand our strengths and weaknesses and helped us to create a safe space to talk about strategies for improving. That’s not always an easy thing to do but Ann’s ability to shepherd folks through difficult conversations to better outcomes is unparalleled."

– Mara O’Brien James, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness, Care Canada

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