Individuals come to Ann at Laidlaw Corporate Coaching for a range of professional and individual coaching needs. Over the course of one's career, change and transition are inevitable. Whether involuntary or intentional, each transition requires focused effort to be able to effectively navigate, manage or conquer that change. Some of the most common individual coaching scenarios Ann helps clients through are:

  • Job change or transition - role, company, industry, level

  • Career change or transition - clients seeking greater personal fulfillment with their professional path, or maybe those who have reached ‘career maturity’ and are seeking to discover the next right move

  • Removing roadblocks to development – whether behavioural or skill based, Ann’s coaching can help you in the discovery and development process ultimately helping you achieve your breakthrough goals

  • Identification of your leadership qualities and strengths, and refining your path to your most effective leadership approach

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    Individual Coaching

    “I first worked with Ann several years ago at a pivotal moment in my career. Her collaborative, insightful, encouraging and direct coaching style was exactly what I needed. The work we did together helped me establish myself as an effective leader and set the course for a successful career. We’ve recently reconnected during another key transition and all I can say is Ann’s ability to authentically engage and effectively coach is exceptional!”
    - Laurie Armstrong, Corporate Communciations Executive and Leadership Coach, New York, NY